Older single-pane glass windows don't provide the same level of privacy or protection that newer double- or triple-pane windows do. When you replace your old single-frame glass window with a wood frame, there are a few things you are going to want to make sure you do in order to properly upgrade your window.

Use the Same Material

When you replace a window or windows in your home, you want everything to look uniform, which is why it is best to use the same frame material that you already had in place. For example, if you have wood window frames, it makes the most sense to replace your wood window frames with new wood frames.

The new wood frames will blend in well with your home and will really make things look great. You want your new windows frames to complement the look you already have going on with your home.

Be sure to match the style of your original windows all the way down to the details if you want to honor the architectural style of your home. For example, if there are wood divides between the windows or any ornate details, be sure to add those to the window as well.

Use High-Quality Wood

When it comes to replacing your wood window frame, you are going to want to upgrade the wood you use for the window frames. Installed treated wood window frames. Treated wood has gone through a special process in order to ensure that the wood doesn't easily break down and rot.

The wood has been treated with safe chemicals to ensure it doesn't easily rot. Treated wood window frames reduce the amount of work you need to use to maintain your wood frames.

Use High-Quality Glass

When you pay to replace your windows, you want to invest in high-quality glass because, ideally, the new windows you are installing will last for decades to come. That means investing in a high-quality glass. If you live somewhere with strong windstorms, that means purchasing impact-resistant windows.

No matter where you live, you should purchase windows with an Energy Star rating, which means your windows meet high energy-efficiency ratings. You want your windows to reduce the energy you use in your home.

When replacing old wood windows in your home, upgrade to new treated wood window frames made with high-quality wood, and be sure to pair that wood with strong, energy-efficient windows that will protect your home and reduce your energy bills. Contact a wood window replacement service for professional assistance.