Hardwood plantation shutters are a great way to increase the value of your home and to give your home a great visual appeal. They are a permanent feature that, when taken care of properly, add to your home. Here is a cleaning routine that will allow you to keep your shutters in great shape. 

#1 Lightly Clean Once A Week

On a weekly basis, you want to lightly clean your shutters, since dust very quickly builds up. Dust is not that difficult to remove if you lightly clean your shutters every week; however, if you neglect this task, the dust can build up and be much more difficult to remove.

There are two different easy ways you can lightly clean your indoor hardwood shutters on a weekly basis. You can put the smaller cleaning attachment on your vacuum cleaner and run your vacuum over your shutters to pick up the dirt. You can do this when you vacuum the rest of your house. You can also take a cloth and get it just a little bit damp. Use the cloth to wipe the blinds and pick up the dust. You can do this when you do your weekly dusting of your house. 

#2 Deeply Clean Once A Month

On a monthly basis, you need to deep clean your shutters. When you deep clean your shutters, you want to move the shutters in both directions and ensure that you removed all the dust and dirt from both sides. You also want to make sure that you clean away the dust in the crevices of the shutters as well. 

When you deep clean your shutters, use the same materials that you use to lightly clean your shutters, but get a little more detailed. Vacuum both the front and back of your shutters with the blinds slanted downward, then repeat with the blinds slanted upward. After that, take a damp cloth and run it across each individual piece of wood while the blinds are slanted down and then again when they are slanted upwards. Once you complete that, make the blinds straight and use the damp rag to clean the little crevices on the blinds. 

Do not use soapy water while cleaning your blinds off; using soapy water can actually damage your blinds.

#3 Polish Twice A Year

Every six months you should polish your hardwood shutters. Use the appropriate wood polisher, and polish your shutters the day after you have deep cleaned them. For the best shine, it is essential that your blinds are already clean. Polishing your blinds at least twice a year will help them keep their shine and luster and will help the wood stay sealed and healthy. 

If you follow the cleaning routine above, you should be able to keep your indoor hardwood shutters in great shape for many years.