Windows aren't supposed to get foggy, and if your home windows fog up every morning when the temperatures start to rise, or at night when the temperatures fall, you have a problem. This means the seals around the window glass have broken down, and air is passing through your house.

Not only is this making it difficult to see out the windows, but this also causes heating, cooling, and moisture concerns. Here are some of the things to talk about with a window company.

Condition of the Windows

Have the windows assessed. When this is done, the window repair and installation professional will look at the condition of the:

  • Frame
  • Glass
  • Seals
  • Locks

If the frames are damaged, this may be why the glass is pulling or shifting and this could cause the broken or damaged seals. The seals may also be damaged by UV exposure, water, and more.

State of the Window Boxes

The window box is the frame in the wall where the window frame is installed. The condition of the window box is important for not only the efficiency of your windows but also for the structure of your home. The installation company may be able to tell if there is damage to the box by seeing:

  • Drywall cracks and flaws
  • Watermarks along the walls where the windows are installed
  • Uneven shifts in the windows
  • Rotting

Moisture moving in and out of the house can cause not just damage but mold and mildew as well. If the window boxes also need to be replaced, this will be more money but worth the investment to have everything replaced and repaired properly.

Glass Quality

The quality of the glass will also be a factor. Thin glass in older windows may be a thick enough barrier to keep the outdoor temperature outside the home, causing the windows to fog when air is passing through. Talk with the window replacement professional about replacement options with a high UV rating.

Invest in replacing the windows on your home with a new highly efficient and robust option. Stronger windows not only improve heating and cooling efficiency but will also improve the structure of your home in place in the walls. Get cost estimates and set a budget to have the windows replaced right away. Ask about any insulation replacement or installation needs at the same time.  

Reach out to a professional to learn more about window replacement.