The idea of the typical homes with traditional doors and windows is giving way to unique styles. These styles, such as ceiling-to-floor windows and curved window frames, require special curtains and window dressings. If your home has these unique designs and you want to change the window dressings, you do have some options. One of those options is to find professional custom drapery solutions. Here are some of the options available to you and how they can be the finishing touch to your already unique window designs. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are designed in many different ways. The basic idea consists of having a tri-fold appearance as the main part of the window. With some designs, the windows also feature a small half oval-shaped window over the entire length of the bay window. This is a beautiful touch to your home, but it can also be difficult to find suitable window dressings. A professional custom drapery seamstress can help use the measurements of the bay window to design the window dressings you need and want. They can also add upgrades such as custom-designed fabric roman shades or even black-out options to help reduce the heat and loss of energy during the year. 

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Living rooms and bedrooms in your home may have floor-to-ceiling windows. This gives off a better natural light during the day. This type of window also allows you to look out onto your landscape for a relaxing view. The issue many homeowners have with this type of window is the length the drapery must be to fit it properly. If you are having this same issue, and you are concerned about privacy or energy loss during extreme heat and cold, then a custom drapery service is what you need. 

Bathroom Windows

An issue you may be having could be in your bathroom. Bathroom windows tend to be smaller than most other windows in the home. If you have a vintage bathroom, you may also be dealing with the problem of clear non-privacy-providing glass. You can buy film to go over the glass, but oftentimes that film does not give a complete and finished-looking decor. A custom drapery service can offer you the window coverings that fit the small windows and in options that allow for total privacy. 

When you are ready to move forward with your design ideas, contact your local professional custom drapery solutions. They can take your window measurements and design ideas and use them to create the custom drapery solutions you need. They can also make suggestions for the best ways to incorporate drapery upgrades into the designs and custom solutions they are offering to you.

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