Exterior window shutters add depth and architectural detail to protect your windows from harsh weather. You also get extra security with shatters in case your window is broken. When choosing exterior shutters during your window installation, consider the size, protection, security, and preferred style. Exterior window shutters come in various designs discussed below.

1. Louvered Shutter

Arguably the most popular window shatter, louvered design is made of overlapping slanted slats. The slats allow a breeze to pass through but block light and prevent other people from seeing your house's interior. Louvered shutters are versatile and can be integrated into many home designs. However, classic architectural styles like colonial or Victorian are the more ideal types.

2. Board and Batten Shutters

Board and button shatters are also known as 'B & B' shutters and consist of several boards held together by a z-shaped or horizontal panel. The ideal buildings for 'B & B' include bungalows, cabin homes, and barn-style houses. Unfortunately, B & B's are harder to install and maintain than other shutters.

3. Raised Panels

Raised panels look like kitchen cabinets and doors, with one or two raised panels. Raised panels have a low profile and thus blend well with almost all home styles. For instance, colonial, ranch, federal, victorian, and Georgian. Also, if you want to make your house look like a grand house in modern times, raised panels are the way to go.

4. Flat Panel Shutters

With a simpler and less decorative appearance, flat panels are the opposite of raised panels. However, being less decorative doesn't mean your shutters won't be attractive. The design consists of solid flat panels that; block out sunlight, protect against strong winds, and enhance privacy. Flat-panel encompass all homes but are popular in country cottages and modern homes.

5. Plantation/Contemporary Shutters

Plantation shutters have tilted wooden louvers that allow for ventilation and light control. If you live in a warm region, contemporary design is an ideal option as you can open your shatters easily to let in a cool breeze. Whereas plantation shutters are available in various materials, the common materials are MDF and vinyl.

6. Scandinavian

The origin of Scandinavian shutters is the Alpine region, where homes constantly needed protection from blizzards and snowstorms. Today, Scandinavian shutters reinforce windows in areas prone to hurricanes and harsh weather. The Scandinavian design would suit you best if you love colorful and decorative shutters.


The beauty of shatters is that you can combine more than one design to create a custom design. For instance, you can combine louvered with raised panel design. The only limit to your custom design is your imagination and creativity. Either way, always go for quality shatter materials like poly, wood, vinyl, etc.

Most importantly, you now know what exterior window shutter to go for during your window installation.