Shades can be customized to cover a series of windows. If your home contains some windows that are uniquely sized or if you are attempting to decorate your home's interior with a particular motif, explore some custom shade products.


Standard and custom products include corded, cordless, and automated shades. Corded products will contain a pull string that is attached to the interior strings that are connected to each window covering. A shade may consist of one or more natural or synthetic panels. As a cord is manually manipulated, the panel/panels will be raised.

A cordless product may feature a wand that needs to be twisted or a press plate that needs to be held down. With either of these products, an end-user won't need to be concerned about thin strings becoming tangled or unraveled from each shade panel. Automated shades will require the use of a control unit. This unit will contain a maximum range in which it will communicate with the technology inside of each shade. Pressing one button on a controller will either open or close a series of shades.

Materials And Designs

If you are using a particular color palette or design style to decorate one or more rooms in your home, exploring the texture, color, and designs that can be used to create custom shades may be necessary. Bamboo is a material used to create shades that are a neutral hue and that will promote an earthy feel. Luxurious and simple fabrics of varying thickness can be used to create custom shades that are flat, pleated, or ruffled.

A custom product can contain multiple fabric strips, hand or machine stitching, or embossing. Many details that are added to a shade may provide each window in your home with results that are just as stunning as ones that involve the use of valances, curtains, and blinds. Light or prominent textures that are added to various shade products will appeal to the senses and add dimension to a room. 

Maintenance And Measurements

Before selecting a shade material that will be used to create custom products, learn how the material must be handled. Some products and color shades may stain easily or require gentle handling. If you plan on allowing everyone in your family to access the shades, including your children, choose a shade material that is rugged and stain-resistant. Provide the company who will be preparing the custom shades with the exact measurements of the windows that will be covered.

Contact a local window treatment company to learn more about custom shades.