If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you know the importance of taking steps to protect your property in case one of these monumental storms comes your way. Many people who live in hurricane zones invest in materials, such as accordion-style hurricane shutters, to protect their windows against shattering from high winds, flying debris, and precipitation. Here are steps to take to ensure your hurricane shutters last for years to come.

Keep On Top Of Track Debris

Accordion-style hurricane shutters allow you to quickly pull them along a track when you need to cover your glass panes. If the track becomes encrusted with debris, you may not be able to get the shutters into place as quickly as you would like. For this reason, routine cleaning of the track itself is necessary to ensure shutters can be opened and closed without delay. Check the track for signs of dirt build-up, insect nests, and natural debris. Remove these as soon as they are noticed so the track remains completely free of obstructions.

Keep Rolling Mechanisms Oiled Regularly

In addition to the track where rollers are placed that hold your shutters in place, the rollers themselves need routine maintenance so they do not seize up at the wrong time. To keep rollers moving as they should, lubricating oil needs to be added to them every few months. This will keep the rollers free of rust and the lubrication ensures they will move back and forth without stopping. A clear silicone-based spray works best at keeping rollers, screws, and pins working properly all year long. This type of spray is easily found at a hardware store.

Clean Your Shutters For Prime Usage

The shutters themselves also need regular cleaning to keep them looking and working their best. If you allow debris to accumulate between slats and you need to close your shutters quickly, you may find it difficult to do so. Dip a piece of clean cloth into a mixture of warm water and a mild dish detergent. Rub the soapy water over each portion of the shutter slats to remove loose dirt and natural debris. Avoid using a pressure washer to rinse away soap as the impact of the water can cause damage to your shutters. Instead, use a garden hose on a spray setting to lightly mist away any debris and soap remnants from your shutters after a cleaning session.