If you want to change the look of your home, the windows can be a good place to start. Custom windows can achieve a lot of benefits, including adding more natural light to your home and improving the look of the residence from the exterior. One fun thing about custom windows is that there are a variety of styles from which to choose. One particular type that may be appealing is a corner window. Generally, this term describes an "L"-shaped window that sits where two walls meet at a 90-degree angle. Corner windows are available in many sizes and styles. Here are some spots in your home where they can work well.


It's ideal to make your bathroom feel as spacious as possible, given that this is typically one of the smaller rooms in your home. Homeowners use a variety of tactics to improve how spacious a bathroom feels, including adding natural light. If your bathroom is in one of the corners of your home and its layout will support the idea of a corner window, this can be a good type of custom window to add. A corner window directly behind a soaker tub of a second-story bathroom, for example, may allow you to have a panorama-like view of the sun setting while you soak in the evening.


The kitchen is another area of your home that can benefit from more natural light. In bungalows, many people add skylights overhead as a way to make the kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. Give some thought to adding a custom corner window to your kitchen. Many kitchens have L-shaped countertops, so adding a corner window in the wall behind the counter can work well. If you spend a lot of your time preparing food where the two straight sections of the countertop meet, you'll enjoy the view through the large window just in front of you.

Living Room

You may also wish to think about adding a corner window to your living room. Many living rooms have multiple windows, but if you feel that this space could be brighter and feel roomier, a custom corner window is a good addition to consider. You may especially like this type of window if you have a scenic view from your living room. For example, if you own a waterfront home and your living room faces the water, a corner window will allow you to see more the scenery outdoors.

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