Your son tossed a baseball toward your home, resulting in a cracked windowpane. Unfortunately, this isn't a solo event because the month before, one of the panes was damaged while your husband was performing landscaping duties around your residence. Old windows take a beating year after year. Consider investing in vinyl wholesale windows that each contain a double pane of glass.

Wholesale and Double Panes Will Benefit You in the Long Run

Wholesale prices are offered to distributors, saving them a great deal of money. Many stores offer retail prices, which include a markup so that a profit is made. By purchasing wholesale windows from a wholesale distributor, you are capable of gaining the same savings, which could be considerable if you are planning on replacing all of your home's windows.

Double panes are super resilient and will provide an additional layer of insulation. Think about how your past few winters have been. Did each room in your home seem to be airtight, or were there drafts that resulted in you or your spouse cranking up the heat at all hours of the day? If the latter is the case, then double panes could help you lower the cost of your energy bill without compromising style.

Double-paned glass looks similar to single-paned glass and the difference can only be determined upon close inspection. Double panes will also provide a sound barrier, reducing those pesky noises associated with cutting grass, blowing leaves, or trimming weeds. 

Choose Vinyl Frames for Strength and Style

Have you ever encountered windows with weak frames? Not only can these types of windows allow drafts in, but they can also compromise the appearance of your home. With vinyl-framed windows, you don't have to worry about the frames bending or rusting. Vinyl is a synthetic resin or plastic that is equally durable and stylish.

It can stand on its own or be painted if you would like the frames to contrast sharply with the other aesthetical aspects of your home. And to top it off, wholesale vinyl windows come in just about any style that you can imagine.

That means you can conveniently replace that large bay window in your living room, the multi-paned one in your pantry, and all of the singular windows in the rest of your home without needing to switch up on styles or worry about a particular pane or frame size not being in stock.