Property owners are understandably overwhelmed when it comes to window replacement First of all, it is a big construction project that might even require the homeowner to move out of the home while the work is being done. It isn't very inconvenient project that might take you out of your home for several days. On top of it, actually finding the perfect material can seam to be impossible, if only because there are so many options. This article should be very helpful for homeowners who can't decide between aluminum and vinyl casement windows.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows certainly aren't as popular as they used to be. Aluminum used to be to go-to material for tract home construction. However, they have largely been replaced by vinyl fiberglass for a number of reasons. This has a big effect on the availability of different aluminum styles. That is, since vinyl is more prevalent, there are bound to be more options available for homeowners shopping around.

But, aluminum can still have and number of advantages if you are able to find the right style. First of all, aluminum is usually cheaper than vinyl. Also, since it is metal, it is considered to be stronger. This means that an aluminum window frame can have a lower profile and sleeker design compared to vinyl, which often looks chunky and plastic like. Some people only choose aluminum because they don't like that that vinyl looks like plastic.

Vinyl Windows

One of the best things about vinyl, compared to aluminum, is the fact that it has better solar insulation. Vinyl doesn't transfer heat as severely as aluminum. This is a major issue when it comes to the energy efficiency of any home. Another great thing about vinyl is that it doesn't rust. The smooth surface of vinyl is also great for sliding fixtures because it has minimal friction, and it doesn't need any lubrication. Aluminum is painted with an electrostatic finish, but vinyl is the same color throughout the whole pieced of vinyl. There is no outer layer of paint that can chip, scratch, or rub off. The color of vinyl will not change.

Ultimately, you are more likely to find a matching style if you're shopping for vinyl compared to aluminum.

Since the actual performance differences mainly come down to insulation and usability, you need to weigh your options and figure out which would actually be the most amenable to your property.