If you recently purchased some rustic pieces of furniture, including a coffee table, armchairs, and couch, complementing them with interior wooden shutters that are stained a hue that is similar to the color of each furnishing will provide your living room or den with an atmosphere that is similar to one that you may find inside of a log cabin. 


  • plastic sheeting or slipcovers
  • drop cloths
  • wood cleaning agent
  • sponge
  • power sander
  • sanding disk
  • roll of wide painters tape
  • wood stain
  • cotton cloth
  • narrow brush
  • glossy sealer

Cover Surfaces And Clean And Sand The Interior Wood

Because you will be sanding wood and applying products that could permanently blemish furnishings and flooring, plastic sheeting, slipcovers, and dropcloths can be used to protect surfaces. It is also a good idea open a door or a window that does not have an interior shutter covering it so that toxic fumes from the products being used are eliminated.

Use a soft sponge to wipe a wood cleaning agent across the wooden shutters, being careful not to miss cracks or designs that are carved into the wood. Wait for each shutter panel to dry before sanding the wood grain. Sanding the wood will eliminate splinters and other uneven wooden surfaces. It will also enhance the grain in each shutter's surface. 

Purchase Stain And Apply A Couple Coats Of The Product

Take a picture of the furnishings in the room and bring the photo with you when shopping for wood stain. Compare the color of the wooden furnishings to each stain shade until you are able to match the colors. Wide strips of tape should be applied to the edges of each window frame or the sides of the walls that are adjacent to the frames.

Use a cotton cloth to wipe stain across each interior wood panel. If there are grooves and carvings in the wood, use a narrow brush to apply a coat of stain to them. Increase the deepness of the stain's hue by adding two coats of the product to each shutter. 

Use A Sealer To Preserve The Richness Of The Color

A glossy sealer that is applied over the stain will preserve the richness of the color of each shutter. This product should be applied sparingly so that it does not drip down the surface of each shutter. After the shutters have dried, add ornamental knobs or openers to each shutter. On nights that are chilly, close the shutters, lay on your couch, and curl up under a blanket with a good book while you enjoy the rustic surroundings. 

For more information on wood shutters, contact your local installation specialists.