Driving behind a large semi-truck carrying gravel can be somewhat distracting, but it can also be dangerous as well. Wind pressure changes and bumps in the pavement can cause pebbles or larger stones to fly out of the back and hit your vehicle, damaging your windshield. This can lead to a small crack in the glass that can create a spider-web effect, making it difficult to see out. Here are just a few concerns and dangers that you could experience when driving your vehicle with a cracked windshield and how you can fix the issue.

Hefty Fine Or Ticket

One of the biggest issues you could face is a civil infraction ticket from getting pulled over. While most law enforcement officers will just issue a "fix-it" ticket that requires you to replace the windshield and provide proof, others may issue you a fine on top of that. In addition, if you were involved in an accident that was your fault due to having a cracked windshield, you could face more severe penalties. This could add points to your license or raise the rates of your auto insurance. To be safe, contact your local window glass replacement company right away for an estimate on repairing the crack.

Impaired Visibility

You may think that visibility is an issue if the crack is only directly within your vision, but any type of defect in the window can impair your ability to drive. Here are a few different types of window chips:

  • Straight Line—A line that goes straight across the surface of your windshield.
  • Surface Chip—A chip that has formed on the outer surface of the windshield.
  • Star Burst—An aggressive chip that is beginning to extend from the center of the glass.
  • Bullseye—A hole in the windshield which can cause glass or other debris to fly into the vehicle's interior.

Almost every type of chip can change size quickly because of friction and fluctuating temperatures. Avoid driving with a chipped windshield, because it may impair your visibility so much that you'll have to find alternative transportation home if the windshield suddenly changes during vehicle operation.   

Prone To Shattering

The risk of shattering the windshield during operation is a huge risk. While most windshields are shatter proof—meaning glass shouldn't shatter and produce shards, the window can still break apart. If you're driving down the road with a chipped windshield and face additional flying debris, the glass could come into your vehicle and affect you and your passengers. Avoid driving if possible until the issue is fixed. Contact a reputable windshield repair company to come to you to fix a small crack or replace the windshield.

Windshield Repair Scams

There are many windshield glass repair companies that are also scams. Keep in mind to:

  • Never give out your personal information, including your bank account or social security number to any business.
  • Avoid having your windshield repaired in a public parking lot.
  • Be cautious about companies who will repair cracks for free.
  • Not give out your auto insurance information to strangers.

Use caution when working with mobile companies near car washes and shopping centers. Check references to ensure you don't get swindled.

There are many risks to driving with a cracked windshield. Get yours fixed before heading back on the road and maintain a safe driving experience.