One of the features of your home that can be the source of a lot of problems is the windows. These areas are often where air leaks cause energy loss and poor weatherproofing can cause water damage. This is why you may want to consider some improvements to help seal your windows and keep the energy in your home and water out. Here are some ideas to help you solve leak problems around windows and doors:

1. Add Awnings, Overhangs, Or Eaves To Cover Windows And Keep Water Out

Awnings can be a great addition to windows to prevent leaks. Adding awnings will help to keep the rain or runoff from falling around window openings. If you do not like the idea of having large awnings installed, you may want to consider just using a small overhang with a decorative design above windows. Another option can be to extend the eaves of your roof where there are severe water runoff problems near windows.

2. Install Rubber Flashing Around Window Openings If Installing New Units

One of the improvements you may be considering for your windows is an entire replacement. This can involve removing old windows and replacing them with new ones. This can be a good opportunity to improve the weatherproofing around windows to stop air leaks and keep water out. You may want to use a rubber flashing to keep rain and weather out. This can be installed before the window is set in the opening to ensure that there is a good seal around the window.

3. Use Wide Composite Trim And Seal Around The Window With Silicone

Wide composite trim can be another good solution to help keep weather and water out of your home. Choosing a wide trim can help prevent many of the common leaks that happen at the edges of the window, and most composites will be waterproof. In addition, you will still want to add a silicone caulking around the edges of the window and replace it as needed. The caulking will need to be replaced when it becomes worn and there are visible cracks from it drying out.

These are some ideas that may help you put an end to any leak problems that you have around the windows and doors in your home. If you need help with any of these improvements, contact a window service and talk with them about some of these ideas. 

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