When it comes to windows, you have many options to choose from. If you are a senior, you should take some things into account. To help you, below are some tips on choosing windows that will work best for you.

Opening the Window

Because you are older, you may have problems with arthritis or may be simply weak in your hands. Casement windows are not a good choice because you have to open them using a small crank This would be hard to turn if your hands hurt or are stiff. Hung windows would work well for you, as long as you choose the best type.  With single hung windows, the bottom of the window moves up and down like a traditional window, which would make it difficult for you. A double hung window is your better choice, as it can be operated by both the bottom and top sash. They can also be opened outward like you would open a door.

Preventing Glare

If you wear glasses, sun shining into your windows can bounce off the lenses and make it difficult to see. To prevent this from happening, you can choose windows that will prevent glare. Talk with the windows contractor about this. There are windows they can install in your home that already have a glare prevention coating on them. If you have already ordered your windows, the window contractor can install this coating after your windows are installed.

To further prevent glare, you can install rolling solar shades on each window. You can find them in a variety of colors so you can match your décor, and you can easily open and close the shades as needed.  Sheer shades also work well. They prevent glare while still letting you view the outside.

Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning windows can be a difficult job for anyone to do, especially when you have to climb a ladder from outside your home. You could easily lose your balance if you stick your head out of a window to clean the exterior of it also. Unless you hire someone to clean your windows for you, choose windows that are easy to clean. One type is the double hung, as it tilts in. When choosing this type of window, make sure both the bottom sash and top sash tilt in, because with some of them, only one sash will tilt.

Keep these things in mind when you start shopping for new windows for your home. Contact a business, such as the AAA Blind & Shutter Factory, for more information.