Repairing or replacing windows can make a big difference in a home. It can make a home more energy efficient and attractive. Many homeowners have trouble deciding whether or not repairing or replacing is the best choice. Window repairs are often an attractive choice since they are less expensive than replacement. Most homeowners spend somewhere between $128 and $430 to repair their windows. Replacement is much more expensive, coming in between $2,635 and $7,092. However there are a few times where replacement is actually the best option. 

Windows In Hurricane Prone Areas

Anyone who lives in a hurricane prone area, such as the Gulf Coast, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or Florida, should consider replacing the windows in their home. Older windows are often unable to stand up to the high winds of these dangerous storm systems. These windows can shatter which can lead to more damage inside the home when a hurricane moves through. One way to prevent this is by installing impact resistant windows. These windows have heavy duty frames and impact resistant glass that prevent flying debris from entering the home. It is very difficult to get the same amount of impact resistance when restoring older windows. In this case, impact resistant replacement windows are the best choice.

Windows Beyond Repair

While this may seem obvious, many attempt to restore windows that are beyond repair. It is possible to repair windows that have serious problems. In historic homes, repair is often the most desirable option since it can help retain the character of the home. However if the wood is completely rotted or hazardous materials are present in the windows, replacement is often the best option. Replacement is also often the better choice in homes that are older but not historic. In these cases, repairs may not be worth the time spent since new windows may add more value to the home.

Adding A Modern Touch

One great thing about replacement windows is that they are a great way to add new life to a home. Just changing out windows can make a big difference aesthetically. Changing out the windows in an old home can add new life to the space. It's a great way to add modern styling without compromising the traditional nature of the home. New windows are able to blend in seamlessly with traditional elements. It can also increase the energy efficiency of an old home. 

Replacement windows are not the right choice for all homes. In many cases the cheaper option is to simply repair the existing windows. However those who have homes in hurricane prone areas, have windows that are beyond repair, and want to add a modern touch should consider replacing their windows instead of repairing them.