Living in an area that is hurricane prone may cause you to worry at times, as this can harm you or your home. The following guide will help make sure your windows are safe during hurricane season. 

Why Window-Preparedness Matters

A breached window could cause all kinds of issues, like the following:

  • Torn furniture or clothes due to broken glass
  • The possibility of water damage
  • Danger to you

You should also know that experts have noted that a breached window could be a factor in roof damage as well. 

Ways To Protect Your Windows

Consider the following:

Plywood Solution

One of the most effective last-minute solutions is to board your windows up with plywood. The wood needs to be about 5/8 inches thick to ensure its strength against the wind speed of the hurricane. 

You should consider installing the plywood over the window and not the window pane itself, as the pane might be too weak, especially during a hurricane. You can place the plywood over your windows by attaching heavy duty anchors to your home's walls.

Hurricane Shutters

You can also install hurricane-specific shutters, which could be made out of plywood or another thick material. You can talk to your window specialist about some of the options you have available. The shutter can be activated with the press of a button in your home or by cranking the shutter closed. 

Strong Windows

The next thing you can consider is making sure that your windows are strong enough to withstand the possible pressure from hurricane winds.

You can consider the following options, or talk to your window specialist about which option would be best for your home:

  • You could consider installing high-impact windows, which could be single or double glazed windows. 
  • Your window specialist could add a plastic film over your windows for added protection. 
  • Choose laminated windows. A study showed that 3/8 inch laminated window, which must be anchored, can withstand varying degrees of missile impacts.

You should also make sure that you talk to your home owner's insurance about adding any of the aforementioned safety measures. This is important because some home owner's insurance companies offer a discount for taking such precautions and may have additional tips for you to consider.

Do not forget to protect your home in other ways, like keeping your bushes short before the weather gets bad. But you can see that there are several things that you can do to ensure that your windows are ready for hurricane season. For more information, talk to a company like Morgan Exteriors Inc.