A sliding glass patio door is very popular feature in a home. After all, it allows you to merge the outdoor and indoor living space you have created. If your current sliding glass door is a bit outdated, or perhaps broken, you will definitely want to replace it soon. While you could purchase the exact same door as a replacement, you could also upgrade it. If you do decide to upgrade your door with a sliding glass door replacement, use these three helpful tips to ensure you purchase the perfect door for your space:

1. Consider Space

Before you even begin looking at replacement doors, you should take a look at your current space. Do you have a lot of room? If there is sufficient space in your room, you really don't need to take any special factors into consideration—such as bi-fold door. However, if the room is on the smaller side and feels a little cramped, you will need to do more work. Perhaps you can rearrange your furniture. If that isn't an option, definitely consider a sliding door, as it will give you much more room.

2. Swing vs. Slide

As briefly mentioned above, there are two main types of sliding glass doors: swinging and sliding. Swinging doors fold—or swing—to open. This makes them ideal for larger spaces, as they usually contain two sets of doors that open up. While these are nice and certainly make a bigger impact on the aesthetics of your home, they aren't always feasible. For smaller homes or condos, a sliding door will usually be necessary to save space. If you do opt for a sliding door, opt for the widest possible choice. A wider door will offer more sunlight, and help make the room appear larger.

3. Glass Type

There are several different types of glass available for sliding glass doors. While all types certainly work well, energy efficient doors are by far the best. This is because they will help keep the home cooler or warmer, depending on the time of year.

If you live in a very sunny area, or are interested in privacy, consider choosing a tinted glass. This will allow you to see out, but it won't allow people to see in. It can also act as a natural insulator, by keeping the temperature inside the home much more comfortable.

If you are in need of a replacement sliding glass door, keep this list handy to help you choose the best door for your space. As always, consult with a professional before making any final decisions. After all, you probably don't want to completely remodel your home—just replace the door. For more information, visit sites like http://www.windowstampa.com.