When having your home resided, the plants and trees around your home can suffer from damage. If you take the time to protect those plants and trees before the siding replacement project begins, you will save many, if not all, of them from being hurt.

Wrap the Trees

Small trees near your home can easily be wrapped up to protect the branches and leaves from any damage. Large rolls of plastic wrap can be purchased to wrap the trees. All you have to do is start at the lowest point of the tree and wrap it with the plastic wrap. Push the branches upwards to create a cone shape so that you don't do any damage while wrapping or unwrapping the tree.

When the project is complete, a quick cut with a blade will release the branches from the wrap and they will look as beautiful as they did prior to the project.

Cover the Ground Plants

Ground plants are probably the most susceptible to damage during a project such as this. After all, the workers that are trying to remove the old siding and hang the new will be watching what they are doing and can't easily pay attention to where their feet are being placed.

Use bucket and/or plastic bins to cover those ground plants.  Turn the buckets and bins upside-down to cover the plants entirely. This will protect the plants from getting stepped on and having debris dropped on them during the replacement project.

Tarps for Ground Cover

Vines and other ground covering plants can be damaged as well. It can be difficult to cover large areas of ground covering plants, but using tarps is your best option. Just lay the tarps over the plants and use stakes driven through the eyelets on the tarp to hold it in place.

If your ground cover is very special to you, request that the siding installation crew use scaffolding for the entire process. You will still need to cover the plants to protect them from falling debris and make clean-up easier, but the amount of foot damage will be very limited.

Talk with a siding installation company, such as WeatherSeal Windows, about further steps that can be taken to protect your plants and trees from damage. They will work with you to find a solution that makes replacing your siding possible while limiting the damage to your plants and trees to a minimum.