When it comes time to invest in new windows, the options can be overwhelming. There is an endless combination or materials, colors and styles to choose from. Most homeowners want a material that is durable, stylish and easy to maintain. This is why vinyl is one of the best window materials on the market. This article explains a few reason why you should invest in vinyl.

Vinyl is Lightweight

Vinyl is a very lightweight material. This ultimately reduces the cost of production, shipping and installation. The lightness of vinyl frames also means they can be installed in all sorts of positions. The weight of the frame will no be too heavy for non-load bearing walls. Lightweight vinyl is also great for vertically sliding windows. The light frames are easy to lift up and down. Furthermore, the frame can stay propped open, without the weight pulling it down.

Vinyl is Easy to Maintain

Vinyl is also a very practical window frame material because it so easy to maintain. It is very easy to clean with basic household cleaning liquids. In fact, most people simple clean it with the same cleaner they use to clean their glass panes. You can clean your vinyl with liquids because it is not susceptible to rusting or swelling (like aluminum or wood). The fact that vinyl is completely waterproof also means that it does not need to be treated or stained over the years. It can withstand the wettest and coldest environments without any special treatment.

Vinyl is Durable

Vinyl might be light, but it also very strong. It is much stronger than plastic and it is nearly scratch resistant. The smooth and hard surface of vinyl means it is great for usage in sliding windows. Vinyl frames usually have a light texture that give them a warmer look, but also reduces friction between sliding frames. You never need to lubricate or repair the frame to keep it sliding like it is brand new. If your frame does get scratched, you can easily use a vinyl patch to repair it.

There are many other great reasons to invest in vinyl window frames. Many homeowners are surprised how many stylish vinyl options are available. Vinyl does not look like plastic or aluminum frames. It comes in just about any color, with a wide variety of textures and finishes. It is easy to see why so many homeowners choose vinyl windows.

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