In climates where winters are snowy and cold, glare from snow can be almost as dangerous for drivers as the slippery conditions on the road. In these regions, car window tinting services can be just as useful in the winter as they are in the summer. Below are just a few good reasons to tint your windows this coming fall, before the winter snow begins to fall.

Eye Protection

Snow reflects nearly 80% of the rays from the sun. Glare from snow can cause debilitating damage like sunburn of the eyes and sun blindness. Both conditions can cause painful swelling of the eyes and extra sensitivity to sunlight. This kind of damage is often temporary, but repeated exposures can actually create permanent, long-term problems, such as cataracts and blindness.

Accident Prevention

In addition to damaging your eyes, glare from the snow can make it difficult to see while driving, and that makes driving more dangerous. Squinting against the glare can create tears, which in turn can blur the road. In addition, when driving in the mountains, glare from the snow can render you temporarily blind if you drive through a tunnel. Finally, increased sensitivity to light as a result of hours of sun exposure can make daytime as well as nighttime driving more difficult and dangerous.

Skin Protection

All that sun bouncing off the road and off the ground in front of you can create another health problem that you wouldn't often anticipate in the summer: sun burn. Intense sun exposure and sun burn can cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer. If you wear sunblock during the summer months, you may be protected from this kind of exposure. However, if you're like many people you may not think to wear sunblock in the winter, and that in turn can expose you to dangerous UV rays.

Protect Upholstery

It's not just your eyes and skin that can be damaged in the glare coming from the snow. Your upholstery can be damaged as well. Fabric upholstery will fade overtime--and often unevenly, depending on where the most glare hits the seats. Leather upholstery will also fade, and become dried and cracked.

Car window tinting services, like those offered by Utah Window Tinting, can protect car interiors and protect you. For more information about how you and your car can benefit from car window tinting services, contact a reputable window tinting service in your area. To protect you and your car, get the car window tinting services you need before winter arrives.