Outdoor spaces like decks and patios sometimes get neglected. Homeowners will invest much of their effort and money into decorating and updating their interior spaces, leaving the outside areas dull and uninviting. This is a mistake. The outside spaces of your home serve as valuable square footage you could be utilizing. With a little effort, you can transform your old, abandoned outdoor areas into spaces that are stylish, comfortable and functional.


With time, outdoor flooring surfaces like wood and concrete can start to look worn and old. Installing new wood or having a new slab of concrete installed would seem like the perfect solution; however, for some homeowners, these types of projects are outside the budget.

Adding a coat of paint can help. There are a number of paint selections that are designed specifically to restore both wood and concrete surfaces. These specially formulated paint selections are thicker than normal paints, creating somewhat of seal that mask any imperfections while adding a splash of color.

Retractable Awning

If the idea of the sun beaming down on you is what makes you shy away from spending more time on your deck or patio, consider installing a retractable awning. Unlike stationary awnings, retractable awnings offer you on-demand coverage from the sun, so that you can open or close the awning based on your desires.

These units are available in manual and electric selections, with manual options being more cost effective. These awnings can also be designed in a fabric, pattern and size that is best suited to match the decor of your space. For more information, contact Sunrise Shading or a similar company.


Your home is often considered your place of privacy, and you can easily extend this feature to your outside spaces. One of the more cost-effective ways to add privacy is to incorporate landscaping. Tall, potted shrubs and plants are a great way to create somewhat of a wall between your private domain and the watchful eye of your neighbors.

In terms of shrubs, Carpe Myrtle is one option. This plant has the potential to grow as tall as 10 feet high and requires little maintenance and upkeep. Adding these types of landscaping options to your deck or patio won't just add privacy, but it can also help act as a source of shade, keeping you cooler when you're outside.

The more effort you to put into updating your outside spaces, the more inviting your home will be overall.