One of the best remodels for homeowners is to install new windows. It is a very popular remodel because it upgrades the inside and outside of a home at the same time. This makes the project very cost effective and perfect for aging properties that need better insulation. One of the best solutions for many window customers is fiberglass. It is a material that is well suited to window construction for a number of reasons. This article will explain why fiberglass is such a great window frame material.

Fiberglass is Strong

Fiberglass is a strong material that does not scratch or dent easily. It is hard, like plastic, but much more resilient. In fact, fiberglass is often used for the construction of storm windows. These window frames are built to withstand the most severe winds and flooding, so you know that fiberglass will be able to handle everyday usage. Fiberglass is even further reinforced with a powder coat paint job. This seals the frame and adds a thin, hard layer of extra protection. Powder coat paint finishes are less likely to scratch or fade over time.

Fiberglass is Stylish

Most window frames are quite basic in design. The most important feature of the design often has to do with the color. Plastic and shiny window materials often look cheap and out of place on homes that are mainly made out of wood. Luckily, fiberglass windows are made in many different colors with various levels of sheen. The sheen can match with other textures on the inside and outside of your home. For instance, a matte window finish looks smart and natural next to painted drywall interior.

Fiberglass is Easy to Clean

In the long run, most homeowners want a product that is easy to maintain on a daily basis. Fiberglass does not need to be cleaned with any special chemicals. You can just wipe it down with a wet rag or basic household cleaning solutions. Even better, you do not need to repaint or stain your fiberglass frames as they age. You will certainly save money over the years because fiberglass is so easy to maintain.

It is easy to see why so many homeowners choose fiberglass over other materials. It is one of the lowest maintenance and durable products on the market. It will completely change the style and functionality of your home. It is a major investment, so make sure you weigh all your options before investing. Contact a representative from a company like Gilkey Windows today for more information about window replacement.