Have you finally decided to upgrade the windows in your old home? Now that one decisions is made, you need to decide what you'll do with the old ones. Here are three do-it-yourself projects for those old vintage windows when your contractor takes them out to install the new ones:

1. Gardening Bench/Table

If you love creating beautiful pots of plants, but are constantly trying to find somewhere to do it at, you may want to consider getting your hands on some old reclaimed wood to combine with your old windows to create a crafty bench for your gardening tasks. The size and shape can be customized based on your needs and the size of your space. Feel free to use new wood if you would like or to find an old wooden table that can be used for the frame of the bench. Once you have the frame, you'll want to build a bottom so that you can use it for shelves. This is where the windows will come in, as the windows will be used to close off the bottom shelves and serve as doors.

2. Living Room Coffee Table

If your living room is currently missing out on the benefits of a coffee table, using an old window to create one may be a practical solution. Ultimately, all you need to do is build the structure of the table and connect the window onto the top of it with some hinges on one end so that the window can be lifted up and the inside of the table can be used for décor or storage. These types of tables work well in both modern and traditional homes, depending on how you stain or paint them (with modern homes requiring a clean, crisp finish and traditional homes requiring more of a rustic, worn-down appearance). The best thing about this window coffee table is that you can store decorative items inside, such as beautiful stones, shells, old books or flowers, or you can only utilize the top of it like a typical table.

3. Entryway Mirror

To add charm and style to the entryway of your home, you may want to consider using your old vintage window frames to create some practical, yet sophisticated mirrors. You will simply remove all the glass panes, clean all around each wooden pane, and install mirror panes that have been cut to the exact size of the original panes with window glaze caulk. It is a great way to make sure that you can double-check your hair, make-up and attire before shooting out the door to work or on a date.

These are three excellent weekend projects for your old vintage windows. Make sure that you let the contractor know that you want to keep your old ones to repurpose so that they are as careful as possible when removing them. 

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